Visual Effects for Film

VFX is a tool for your story telling~

VFX shots in your movie trailer can increase ticket sales

For all the filmmakers, the bottom line goal is get people to watch your film. Investors(production companies) make an investment in the films they think a lot of people will like to watch. People want to watch a film that everybody watched and talked about. The question now becomes how to get people to watch your film? Just try to think of few examples from your own experience, you can find out the reasons you go watch a film usually are: the actors, directors you like, the story sounds interesting, the images look cool. Where do you get the ideas about the actors, director, story and images? Most commonly from the trailer.

A good trailer can drive people to watch your film. You must have had the experience that you watched a trailer and you felt you have to watch this film. In all those trailers you watched, there must be some of them that don’t have big stars, a famous director, and the story sounds decent, but the image looks so cool that you want to watch the film. People always want to see something new, something different, something well designed. Remember the famous disaster movie “2012” or “The day after tomorrow”? The movies are about the end of the world. So many movies have same subject but not as successful as these. One of the main reasons is the destroyed New York and LA looks so real and that makes the film believable and exciting. Take a look at the 2012 trailer below. There are no super famous actors or director and the plot is pretty straight forward. But just the images of an amazing tsunami drives thousands of people to watch this film.

We are not saying that only images are important. Of course a successful trailer that can attract people to watch the film needs every part working together to get the best results. But to have some never seen before, really cool, or nicely designed images in the trailer definitely will help. This is what visual effects can do.

Now, you might start thinking “sure, if I have “2012” that kind of budget, I definitely will put lots of visual effects in the trailer and the film”. Or “I am just making a comedy romance, I don’t need vfx”. Well, you might be surprised how many romance comedy movies have a lot of vfx shots in them. Visual effects is not a big budget luxury thing for your film. Visual effects can help you develop a unique look, fix mistakes and create something that is eye-catching for your film. Many films invest few shots with visual effects and use those shots in the trailer. Sometimes, doing those shots with visual effects is even easier, cheaper and less trouble for you then filming it real.

Lighting VFX for film Moonrise Kingdom

Lighting visual effects in filme “Moonrise Kingdom” from the trailer

When you are preparing your trailer or editing a short clip for fund raising, having some really eye-catching shots will help dramatically. Visual effects definitely is one the best tool to help you develop those eye-catching shots.


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