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The process of VFX in film

Find your crew, start shooting, finish editing, then comes visual effects, right? If you use this process, you’re not only putting yourself at risk of not being able to finish your vfx, but you might also be missing a lot opportunities for better vfx solutions for your film. Here we are going to talk about a good process for maximizing your VFX in film.

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Case Study: Magic World II Online commercial

In this case study, we are going to check out one of LightRay’s commercial project,”Magic World”. Directed by Lester Shih and VFX produced by L Motion Design Studio. This is a commercial for a new game “Magic World II Online”. The concept for this commercial is to show the beautiful women warriors from different realms gathering to fight the dark lord. Let’s take a look of the commercial first.

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The benefits of having a VFX consultant early in development

People often think visual effects is part of post production and you don’t need vfx involved until after the editing is finished. The reality is quite the opposite, VFX should be one the first in and last out in the film process.
In this article, I’m going to explain why you should have a vfx consultant on board as early as you have the script and the benefits you will gain from doing this.

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What VFX can do?–Part 1: Creatures

We talked about what is vfx and the reason we apply these techniques in films. Now let’s dive a bit deeper into the different kind of vfx in film.

Visual effects can create various creatures, environments or special effects such as fire, tornado, lightning and so on. Other important roles of VFX are correct mistakes, clean up and color correction. Let’s talk about creatures in this post. For environments, special effects and more, please check out the next few articles.

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