Visual Effects for Film

VFX is a tool for your story telling~

The benefits of having a VFX consultant early in development

People often think visual effects is part of post production and you don’t need vfx involved until after the editing is finished. The reality is quite the opposite, VFX should be one the first in and last out in the film process.
In this article, I’m going to explain why you should have a vfx consultant on board as early as you have the script and the benefits you will gain from doing this.

1.When you have a finished script, it’s good to have a VFX producer to estimate how much the visual effects in this script are going to cost you. It’ll be a very rough number but it can give you some clues about the scope of the project. If you have some experience with VFX you might be able to do this yourself, I recommend that you consult with an vfx expert who is currently working in the industry to be safe. After all, you don’t want to end up with no budget for visual effects and you can’t finish your film.

2.You might think that all the effects you want are easy, common and totally doable. But when you have limited time and budget , it might not all be possible, and you might need to cut some things and adjust your script. Also the effects you want might have to be shot in certain way for the visual effects team to work on it later. If you don’t have a vfx person to plan your shoot in pre-production, you might end up with no way to get the vfx done unless you re-shoot. Having a vfx consultant on board early on helps you to shoot only the footage you need and lets your production and post-production go smoothly.

3.A lot of filmmakers might think their projects doesn’t have any vfx so they never get a visual effects consultant on board. But they might have missed a chance to save money, time and made their project a lot easier. It might take you a lot of time and money to build a huge set or certain prop, or you might take the whole crew to a remote location, or spend a long time finding the perfect place, waiting for perfect weather, and much more. Having other options to shoot on a green screen or use CGI, could save you time, money and lots of headaches.

4.A VFX team can help you develop the look of the film. You might have a clear vision in your mind but once you see it on the screen it may not look as good as you envisioned. If you have vfx involved early, they can help you develop your ideas through pre-visualization, concept design and Research and Development.


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