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What is Matte Painting?

Matte painting is one of the oldest techniques in the visual effects industry and one of the most widely applied techniques as well. The concept of matte painting is simple: “Use one or few paintings to replace a background.” Although the concept is so simple, but the technique of matte painting is quite skillful and artistically demanding because the paintings used to replace background have to be realistic enough and support the film style so the audiences can think it’s a real background. Read more of this post


Case Study: Magic World II Online commercial

In this case study, we are going to check out one of LightRay’s commercial project,”Magic World”. Directed by Lester Shih and VFX produced by L Motion Design Studio. This is a commercial for a new game “Magic World II Online”. The concept for this commercial is to show the beautiful women warriors from different realms gathering to fight the dark lord. Let’s take a look of the commercial first.

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What VFX can do?-Part 2:Environments

Ok~let’s move on to talking about environments. This is probably most used vfx in films. For environment visual effects, there are several different techniques. We can build full 3D environment, matte painting, or projection matte painting to 3D. It all depends on how the camera is moving and how many times and different angles we need for the environment. We’ll leave the details of the techniques to later. Now we’re just going to get a concept about what VFX can do for your film as digital environments.

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