Visual Effects for Film

VFX is a tool for your story telling~

What VFX can do?-Part 3: special effects

This is the part of visual effects that most people can recognize. It could be some laser light beam, energy waves, or time traveling magic waves and Si-fi style effects. Or it could be a natural force but difficult and dangerous to film. Such as tornado, earthquake, tsunami, ground or walls spliting open, explosion or fire.

One of the most classic VFX films. Picture from:

From the movie “Twister”. VFX is a great solution for this film instead of actually chasing a tornado. picture from

We often need some elements such as fog, smoke, steam, sparkle, or debris to make the shot looks more realistic. These elements could be filmed or created by vfx artists. With these elements, we can get a better feeling of depth or get some movement and randomness which makes the shot look more real.

Fire is a common elements for VFX shots. Picture from LightRay FX

Snowflakes are often added on in post production. Picture from LightRay FX.


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