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VFX shots in your movie trailer can increase ticket sales

For all the filmmakers, the bottom line goal is get people to watch your film. Investors(production companies) make an investment in the films they think a lot of people will like to watch. People want to watch a film that everybody watched and talked about. The question now becomes how to get people to watch your film? Just try to think of few examples from your own experience, you can find out the reasons you go watch a film usually are: the actors, directors you like, the story sounds interesting, the images look cool. Where do you get the ideas about the actors, director, story and images? Most commonly from the trailer.

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How VFX can save you time and money

Many filmmakers think visual effects are a luxury reserved only for those big budget blockbuster films. This is not the case, vfx is not just about robots and dinosaurs.(See the previous post on “What VFX can do?”) With various vfx techniques today, visual effects could be a great tool not only for telling the story but also for saving you time and money. Here I’m are going to list a few situations where vfx can save you time and money.

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The benefits of having a VFX consultant early in development

People often think visual effects is part of post production and you don’t need vfx involved until after the editing is finished. The reality is quite the opposite, VFX should be one the first in and last out in the film process.
In this article, I’m going to explain why you should have a vfx consultant on board as early as you have the script and the benefits you will gain from doing this.

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