Visual Effects for Film

VFX is a tool for your story telling~

What VFX can do?–Part 1: Creatures

We talked about what is vfx and the reason we apply these techniques in films. Now let’s dive a bit deeper into the different kind of vfx in film.

Visual effects can create various creatures, environments or special effects such as fire, tornado, lightning and so on. Other important roles of VFX are correct mistakes, clean up and color correction. Let’s talk about creatures in this post. For environments, special effects and more, please check out the next few articles.

This is a very commonly known part of VFX. Those extinct dinosaurs in “Jurassic Park”. Gollum, a totally computer generated creature in “The Lord of the ring”.Those drooling aliens in “Men in Black”. And the metal skeleton in “The Terminator”. Those are obviously not existing in the current world creatures. Since they are impossible or difficult to be filmed, using VFX is a great option to get the story across.

Gollum is one of the most success digital creatures. Picture from

Terminator or robots are common vfx. Picture from:

There are some other situations where the creatures do exist in this world, but it’s just too dangerous to film. Such as those wild animals in “Jumanji” and “Night at the Museum”.

It’s too dangerous to get real elephants to destroy a town. picture from

It is also very hard to train the animals to do all the performer you want, such as those penguins dancing in “Mr. Popper’s Penguins” and those animals helping build the ark in “Evan almighty”.

It’ll be hard to train the penguins do those dancing. VFX did a great job on this. Picture from

And last, we have talking animals. Depending on the type of performance you want the animals do, it could be a full CG animal, or we could just replace the face part to let the animals look like they are talking. Such as those cute dogs in “Snow Buddies”.

Those cut puppies are real. But when they need to talk we replace their mouths. Picture from


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